Located in the picturesque Thornton/Alexandra district, Fairweather Farmgate is one of the gems of the country, we believe living harmoniously with the earth results in the best flavours. Our ethos is to create & support food practices that are beautifully grown, sustainable, seasonal & local.

And that our core values in;

Fairweather – Farmgate, Restaurant & Catering

Delivering EXCELLENCE through service in our restaurant & catering endeavours

Creating a UNIQUE experience while DINING with us (with fun & maybe a little weirdness)


Fairweather Consulting & Training

Pursuing GROWTH & LEARNING in our Gardening/Sustainability/Cooking sessions

And overall we want to be PASSIONATE, DETERMINED & HUMBLE with all that we do and always giving care for Self, Others & Environment !


13466381_1016197028427791_4399796205523155119_n Chef Patrick Browning has had 20 years in the Cooking industry, moving from his homeland of New Zealand he came to Australia to hone his skills and work within amazing kitchens receiving great reviews, accolades & awards including Melbourne Wine room & Becco, his experience now is far & wide but will enjoy bringing all that he has learnt to create his own unique menu to tantalise your taste buds providing you with an awesome culinary experience.

Jackie Ashe has had 20 years experience in the hospitality industry, her career began in private clubs, boutique restaurants, hotels & catering companies, working with amazing industry leaders has inspired her passion to achieve service excellence and as the years have gone by realise how important sustainability, community & environment are to her. She has done further study is permaculture & sustainability, working with organisations on projects with minimal waste kitchens, reducing ecological footprints, sustainability consulting & community garden projects. Jackie is also a certified Trainer in Hospitality, Tourism & Permaculture.

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